Chumash Culture, Cosmology, and Oral Tradition with Matt McClain, Craig Deininger, and Will Linn – 2 – Joseph Campbell Foundation Mythological RoundTable®


Hello Once More!The JCF roundtable of Ojai is proud to announce our second session. Last month we talked about narrative, archetype and symbol while exploring the ways they help us to understand stories, ourselves and our times. We feel the next step in the process of perpetual inauguration is to pay our tremendous respect to the people and stories of the land we share. Below is a message from Matt McClain on our humble approach to a discussion around the Native American Chumash, as well as an updated description of the round table:The JCF Mythological RoundTable of Ojai, CA is about gathering to unveil mythical layers behind modern culture. It may appear that myth pertains most to the past, but pioneers like Joseph Campbell have demonstrated how these founding stories are most relavent to today’s culture and its contributing artists. Our primary areas of exploration are how the individual can use traditional wisdom to navigate the depths of the psyche and find his or her personal mythos in the context of the present.At our monthly gatherings located at the Ojai Foundation, we seek to encourage lively discussion on topics ranging from the works of Joseph Campbell to Jungian and Archetypal psychology, Eastern spiritual traditions, yogic practices, shamanism, ritual, somatics, mystical paths within the Abrahamic faiths, art, myth, folklore and fairytales. Even if such themes seem esoteric, the discussion will be centered around the practical and present dynamics of our lives. Furthermore, examples will be provided from literature, film and art to illustrate ways in which today’s culture-bearers can and do implement archetypal and mythical thought into their creative contributions.On December 4th, we will meet in the Council House of the Ojai Foundation from 5-7pm. The topic is Chumash Mythology. We will discuss cosmology, oral narratives, rituals, cave paintings, and shamanic practices. Along with brief presentations of the facilitators, other round table members will be asked to read short stories for us all to discuss.We look forward to seeing yall there! — at The Ojai Foundation.

— at The Ojai Foundation.

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