Chumash Narratives with Julie Tumamait – 3 – Joseph Campbell Foundation Mythological RoundTable®



The Ojai Mythological Round Table is honored to announce that Julie Tumamait-Stenslie, a Chumash Elder and storyteller, will be with us at the Ojai Foundation Council House at 5PM on Sunday, January 22nd.Due to popular demand and the magnitude of importance of the topic, we will be devoting another evening to the stories and customs of the Chumash peoples, graced this time with a Chumash Elder. Expanding on the themes introduced last time, Julie will share stories of death and resurrection, focusing on The Story of Anucwa and The Boys Who Turned to Geese.To better accommodate the unexpected and welcome volume of participants who came last month—not to mention the thoughtful and passionate discussion it awakened—this month’s session will be held in the more spacious Council House.

Your regular hosts—Matt, Will and Craig—will provide some comparative mythological contexts to the material. As usual, the monthly engagement of myth and modern culture seeks to inform and inspire the present with the living stories of all times.

Julie Tumamait-Stensile:
Video of Julie:

When: 5-7PM Jan. 22
Where: Ojai Foundation (Council House)
Cost: $10 Suggested Donation

9739 Ojai Santa Paula Rd.
Ojai, CA 93023


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