Pathways to Bliss, with Matt McClain, Craig Deininger, and Will Linn – 4 – Joseph Campbell Foundation Mythological RoundTable®



The Ojai Mythological Round Table will hold its fourth meeting on Sunday, February 19th at the Ojai Foundation at 5:15pm. After two sessions with the inspiring myths and stories of the Chumash tradition, we step back this month to approach mythology in its own right—its energies, its functions, and especially, the value of its influence on both the individual and the collective.
To do so, we look forward to matters not only mythic, but also psychic—that is, how it is that these myths can be translated into personal language distinctly unique to the individual psyche, to an individual psyche.
We often hear the perhaps contemporary adage “Find your myth” which can be taken at face value. Accordingly, people may adopt myths that flatter the ego while by-passing insecurities, weaknesses, and the like. But these are not really personal myths because they are incomplete. They are personae—temporary masks that cannot long hold that which is not native to the wearer, and masks selected seemingly by what the ego wants and not what the self is. Indeed, to seek one’s myth is an act of strength, endurance, and courage, it is an accurate investigation into oneself.
In keeping with our investigation of the self and the ego, we will also consider East and West culture, the function of symbol, the dynamics of polarities, some other things. Joseph Campbell’s Pathways to Bliss: Mythology and Personal Transformation will serve as the cornerstone for the session’s context.
We look forward to the insightful dialogues and energetic chemistry that has brightened the meetings thus far.
When: 5:15PM – 7:15PM February 19th
Where: Ojai Foundation (Council House)
Cost: $5 Suggested Donation
9739 Ojai Santa Paula Rd.
Ojai, CA 93023
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