Flora, Fauna & Cosmos: The Symbolic Vessels of Our World, with Will Linn and Craig Deininger – 9 – Joseph Campbell Foundation Mythological RoundTable®


The flora, fauna, and stars, in being their numinous selves, provide symbolic narratives that reveal the deeper strata of the human psyche and its place in the phenomenal universe. Through an application of shamanic, astrological and symbolic hermeneutics, this panel explores the hidden language of the natural world, what it has to offer humanity, and what we, in turn, have to offer it.The Ojai JCF Mythological RoundTable® conducts monthly meetings on myth and modern culture at the Ojai Foundation. Its hosts, Craig Deininger, Will Linn, and Matt McClain are also engaged in dissertation writing for the Mythological Studies Program at Pacifica.

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