Games and Living Art with Robert Guyker and Mathew McClain – February – 2 – Mythosophia


Audio Link: Games and Living Art with Robert Guyker and Mathew McClain


Robert Guyker, studied art at Montgomery College and the Virginia Commonwealth University, where he graduated Cum Laude. He has completed his PhD coursework in mythology at the Pacifica graduate Institute, and is currently in the early stages of his dissertation. He teaches classes on art history and the mythic imagination at Palos Verdes Art Center, has won the Pacifica Scholarship, and has recently been awarded a visiting research fellowship by Strong National Museum. Robert has published and presented on myth and gaming, his art has been shown in a number of exhibitions, and in 2012 he painted the cover for Pacifica’s annual creative journal, “Between.”

Joining us on the phone, midway through the show, Matt McClain talks about the role of artists’ in the translation of meaning into the languages of sensory experience and memory. Matt is also working on a PhD dissertation in mythological studies, while launching a company called “Recreator,” whose mission includes the stimulation of relationships between mythic memory and contemporary art.

Mythosophia is a monthly radio show hosted by Richard Dugan and Will Linn on the Santa Barbara News-Press KZSB Radio (1290 AM). The show is part of a weekly broadcast, “Tell Me Your Story, New Paradigms for a New World” with Richard Dugan.

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