Evolving God Images & Challenges of Contemporary Belief Systems with Patrick Mahaffey – December – 12 – Mythosophia

Patrick J. Mahaffey, PhD, is a core professor and the associate chair of the Mythological Studies Program at Pacifica Graduate Institute, which he chaired for eighteen years. His teaching and research focus on Hindu and Buddhist traditions, comparative philosophy of religion, God complex and contemplative practices. He has practiced Hindu forms of meditation for forty years, has participated in retreats at ashrams in India and Australa, and has lectured at the Parliament of World Religions in Melbourne. His publications include essays on Hindu yoga traditions, Buddhism, and religious pluralism. And he is the editor of Evolving God Images: Essays on Religion, Individuation, and Postmodern Spirituality. His perspective is that of a scholar practitioner who has engaged in Hindu forms of yogic Sadhana for nearly forty years.

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