Mythology from Sangam Literature, with Dr. Radha Kumar – 2.1 – JCF Mythological RoundTable® Mumbai

Dr. Radha Kumar has taught at St. Xavier’s College in Mumbai for over 25 years, where she is a member of the Ancient Indian Culture faculty.




  1. Hi Will

    I’m so looking forward to watching these as I have a particular interest in sanskrit and Hindu mythology.

    Thanks for all your work and look forward to more RoundTables.

    Namaste, Donna

  2. Atnn: Smt. Radha Kumar: I read your article on soundarya Lahiri in TOI dt 17th Oct 15. I liked it so much I started looking for more of your works. Hence I landed on this page and listened to your talk on sangam literature. I request you to visit by blog site Herein I have written a few pieces about ancient indian science and culture. I would be very proud if you find time to read a few of them and comment.

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