Myth Salon: with Dr. Greg Salyer

On Wednesday September 13, the Myth Salon will have the very special honor of welcoming Dr. Greg Salyer, President of the University of Philosophical Research – which for those unfamiliar UPR, evolved from the early 20th century occult wisdom seeds of Manly Palmer Hall, who created the campus of the Philosophical Research Society in Los Feliz. Greg will bring to the Myth Salon a distillation of his 10-week lecture series “Mythic Couples and their Modern Meanings,” using the archetypal construct of the sacred marriage, the Hieros Gamos, and the stories of Psyche & Eros, Odysseus & Penelope, Kali & Shiva, Tristan & Iseult, and Adam & Eve to explore how cultures traverse the interplay between the masculine and the feminine.  

Since taking the helm of UPR, each term, Greg has conceived and delivered a brilliant series of Tuesday night public lectures in the UPR auditorium. His current lecture series is “Passages: Texts, Contexts and the Ways to Wisdom.” As I have told Greg, every mile and every minute in traffic from Santa Monica to Los Feliz is redeemed by the superb content of his talks and his engaging personality. If you have not visited the UPR website or campus, I urge you to do so.  

Here is the UPR link:

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