Tracking the Journey through Studio School General Education

4/30 @ 3PM PT on Zoom:

So proud of the school I’ve helped build, which was recenly named by Variety as one of the world’s top film schools. Today I’ll be talking about the General Education department and how we place an emphasis on both myth and storytelling.
The Studio School Los Angeles
After rebranding from the Relativity School in 2017, the Studio School has grown into one of Los Angeles’ leading institutions for aspiring entertainment professionals. Inspired by feedback and guidance from artists, industry insiders and thought leaders, the school’s curriculum evolved organically not from top-down academic structures but cross-disciplinary collaboration to generate real-world insights and practical experience. Career-focused programs and college-level learning objectives taught by industry professionals prepare students for diverse, ever-evolving workplace challenges.


Studio School is a 4 year, BFA college located on a 20 acre studio lot in Los Angeles. We offer BFA degrees in Acting, Film, Dance, and Musical Theatre. Studio School is shaping the entertainment professionals of tomorrow by fostering an educational experience rooted in collaboration and innovation. Our programs inspire excellence in a project-oriented learning environment designed to unleash the imagination and bring creative ideas to fruition under the mentorship of industry professionals. At the crossroads of art and commerce, train our students to think like entrepreneurs. We challenge them to embrace the ever-changing technological landscape that shapes the future of entertainment. We ask them to think critically, solve problems, and deliver their ideas to the world with integrity using available social and digital platforms. We rejoice in freedom of thought while nurturing the confidence required in expressing it.

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Live Zoom Schedule

One Hour With Series:


9AM-10AM-Welcome/ Intro Session with the Recruitment Team

Welcome to Studio School, a 4 year BFA college located on a 20 acre studio lot in Los Angeles, California. We offer BFA degrees in Acting, Film, Musical Theatre, and Dance. If you would like to pick our brains while enjoying a cup of coffee with us on general information about Studio School and who we are, please join us for this early morning, informative session.

Recruitment Team-Addy Green, Nina Wray, and Katie Northlich


10AM-11AM-Admissions FAQ Session:
Director of Admissions-David Ober


11AM-12PM-Financial Sustainability for Artists:
Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies -Michelle Loucadoux Fraser


12PM-1PM-Lunch time and Info Session:
Program Chair of our Acting BFA Degree and Professional Actor: Jeremy Jackson


1-2PM-Admissions Q&A: How do I apply?
Admissions Team: George Garcia, Brian Hostenske, Jennie Taylor, Natasha Lui, Shay Collions, Colin McDuffie


2PM-3PM Admissions Reloaded-Summer in the Studio (Ages 13-17)
Special Programs Manager: Maxwell Colburn


3PM-4PM A Hero’s Journey and Background on of General Education at Studio School
Dr. William Linn-General Education Program Chair


4PM-5PM Acting Workshop-Katie Northlich
Join Actor and Educator Katie Northlich on working as a professional actor, and how training at Studio School, Los Angeles, prepares actors for the industry. Katie has worked in professional theatre, Film and TV in NYC and LA, and she’s on acting faculty at Studio School. She emphasizes confidence in your own creativity, making your own work, and believing in your unique voice, at college and beyond.
High School Specialist and Acting Faculty Katie Northlich


5PM-6PM Want to earn a BFA in Commercial Dance?

Tune in to this one hour session with the Program Chair of our Commercial Dance BFA Degree, Kristin Deiss, to learn about the program at Studio School and see if it’s a right fit for you.
Program Chair of our Commercial Dance-Kristin Deiss


6PM-7PM Take One. One Hour with the Program Chair of our Film and Digital Content Program
Program Chair of our Film and Digital Content Program-Elric Kane


7PM-7:30-That’s a Wrap!
Closing Time. If you have any questions or would like to request more information, please join Addy to conclude what has been a wonderful day.
Recruitment Manager-Addy Green

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