Sky Father Earth Mother

Sky Father Earth Mother
Guardians of the Galaxy Description

Guardians of the Galaxy



 - Uranus & Gaia

 - Yahweh the Shepherd & Earth (mimed in Adam on top of Eve)

Note that this can definitely flip -- Egyptian Geb / Osiris as below. Hades displaced by Persephone in underworld as Zeus displaces Demeter and the Goddess above) Same displacement with Lillith, who wanted to be on top of Adam, who refused, ending their relationship for one who would take this new position. Father Earth is a very interesting and seemingly old character, which likely came from the projection of nature’s growth from earth onto the growth of hair from man. This sets up the Fisher King figures whose vitality is synchronized with that of the earth.

Note the sexuality of the storm god, bringer of rain and thunder

Sky Shepherd of the stars and clouds

Mother Earth