9. Observed & the Unseen – No Clips

9. Observed & the Unseen – No Clips
9. Observed - Outer - Upper 9. Unseen Inner Under 9. Introverview

9. Observed - Outer - Upper

The Outer and Upper are the Observed

9. Unseen Inner Under

The Inner & Under are Unseen

Start thinking about how these associations are already there in your mind - like a hidden organization system,

9. Introverview

The World We Know is that of the living, that of the waking, that of the here, now and illuminated. We do not know death. We cannot see in the dark. And dreams are not of this world. We live on earth. We have material bodies – We are very familiar with normality, which is why, to us, the unknown is mysterious. The veiled is sexy—and scary! What is the afterlife? What are dreams? What’s going on in the dark? What’s happening on the other side of the world? What’s going on in space? What happened in ancient history? What’s to come in the distant future? These are the destinations of great adventures—the unknown, always the unknown—the frontier.