Inner Animals of our Private Arcs with Stephen Gallegos and Mary Diggin – November – 11 – Mythosophia

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Memoir, with Demeter, Persephone and Christine Downing – September – 9 – Mythosophia

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Sci-Fi and Super Heroes: Pulps, Comics and the Paranormal, with Jeffrey Kripal – August – 8 – Mythosophia

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Mysteries of the Feminine Divine, with Safron Rossi – July – 5 – Mythosophia

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Myth and Sports, with John Powers – June – 7 – Mythosophia

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Myth, Psyche, and Human Hybridization, with Glen Slater – May – 6 – Mythosophia

Mythosophia – 5 – Myth, Psyche, and Human Hybridization, with Glen Slater For the past twelve years, Glen Slater has … More

Mythology of Eden, with Zaman Stanizai – April – 4 – Mythosophia

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Story Structure in Film and the Feminine Heroic, with Dara Marks – March – 3 – Mythosophia

  Audio: Mythosophia – 3 – Story Structure and the Feminine Heroic with Dara Marks Dara Marks, Ph.D., is a writer … More

Games and Living Art with Robert Guyker and Mathew McClain – February – 2 – Mythosophia

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Epic and the Mythic Imagination, with Dennis Slattery – January – 1 – Mythosophia

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