Myth & Story – Student Television Network Pro Session with Will Linn

  MYTH AND STORY Presented by Studio School with Will Linn, Ph.D. Friday, April 17 – 1:00 pm Pacific Time SESSION DESCRIPTION: STORY: The essence of dreams, epics, movies, news, books, songs, plays, games, rides, life and… MYTH: The most powerful and profound stories. This presentation introduces how the study of myth has nurtured the core skills of great storytellers—from Tolkien and Lucas, to the teams at Marvel and Pixar. Will’s session at STN Convention 2019 was standing room only! … More

The Frame – NPR

(Starts at 7:45) “When the landmark sci-fi-horror-thriller, “Alien,” debuted in 1979, movie-goers were looking for cute, cuddly creatures from outer … More

The Chancellor’s Award for Excellence

  The Chancellor’s Award for Excellence was created to recognize outstanding accomplishments by Pacifica Graduate Institute Alumni. This award acknowledges individuals’ exemplary … More

Who is Will Linn? PGIAA

Will currently co-hosts a radio show that he created for the Santa Barbara News Press called Mythosophia, in which he interviews … More

Unconscious Language

    This interview was a class project by a student at Southern Methodist University, Quinton Linn.

The Holy Grail, with Will Linn – February – 14 – Joseph Campbell Foundation Mythological RoundTable®

Mythology of the Holy Grail with Will Linn Following a three week grail quest from Glastonbury and Tintagel to Roslyn … More