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Joseph Campbell Mythological RoundTable® Groups can be found on every continent except Antarctica. Perhaps it is the only global grass roots network of mythology lovers, students and advocates. There are more than forty chapters in the United States and around 70 worldwide. Their flavors vary dramatically, not just from group to group and leader to leader, but from session to session. The thorough study of myth extends from religious and spiritual foundations to the study of dreams, art, psyche and even the occult, none of which is excluded. A map of the groups can be found here, and you can join here.

Many JCF Mythological RoundTable leaders have created webpages for their groups with additional resources:




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As one of the JCF Mythological RoundTable leaders, I thank Campbell for his pioneering scholarship as a captain of comparative mythology – a field with every-growing importance to the human understanding of our globalizing inner and outer realities. Three decades after his death, mythological studies continues to evolve. For example, the heavyweights of his generation have inspired entire education programs that thrive today: Eliade headed the religious studies department at the University of Chicago where Wendy Doniger presides in his titled chair. Levi Strauss’ took his anthropological emphasis on myth to the New School in New York. Bettelheim’s interest in folklore and child psychology continues with Maria Tatar at Harvard. Jung’s psychological interest in myth continues to be taught in Jung Institutes all over the world. Manly P Hall’s occult focus on myth lead to the University of Philosophical Research. Richard Tarnas’ emphasis on the philosophy and cosmology built into myth led to the Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness MA/PhD at the California Institute of Integrated Studies. And Joseph Campbell’s central attention on mythology itself has inspired the Mythological Studies MA/PhD at Pacifica Graduate Institute, which is chaired by his former student, Lansing Smith. This list makes no attempt at being complete. It also does not include the numerous organizations started by these and other individuals which continue to nurture the field. The point to be made is that mythology – what the JCF MRT’s are about – stretches far beyond the work of Joseph Campbell. Even though his comparative scope stretched and synergized the field in unprecedented ways, the mythological roundtable conversations – collectively and individually – know no boundaries.

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