Mythosophia is dedicated to story-wisdom, mythic knowledge, narrative intelligence, Poetic consciousness and the many reasonable and epithetic interpretations of its term. For this reason, the site’s original content is surrounded by pages and links to organizations, journals and blogs that support and further wisdom (sophia) in and of story (mythos).

The primary original content of the website comes from a radio show/podcast for the Santa Barbara News Press (est. 1855), Mythosophia, and a Joseph Campbell Foundation Mythological RoundTable hosted by The Ojai Foundation. Both are run and organized by a group of Ph.D. candidates in the mythological studies program at Pacifica Graduate Institute. The radio show is also supported and jointly hosted by the station operations manager for the Santa Barbara News Press, KZSB. More on the Team: Sanga

The project’s presentations, interviews and conversations  have been designed to engage the various mediums and motifs of mythological studies. While the Joseph Campbell Mythological RoundTables have been more specifically oriented around mythology, the intention of the interview series has been to gather voices from fields that range from mythology, classics, religious studies, ritual and folklore to comparative literature, film, opera, comic books and video games – to name just a few of the forms and studies dedicated to story we mean to pursue.

In addition to recordings of recent and upcoming events, books by presenters and interviewees can be found on their dedicated pages. Audio recordings can also be found on the itunes store – as well as the many other podcast subscription services. Many of the events have also been filmed and are currently in the editing process.


If you have questions or comments about the conversations, please leave a post and we'll get back to you!

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